Segelyacht Nordwind

Heimathafen Hamburg






Sailing the Nordwind

The Nordwind reaches - suprisingly for a heavy ship - good results even when sailing in light winds due to the approximately 280 square meters sail area and excellent water drainage of the hull. Also an inexperienced crew can operate the sails quick and easy, which have rolling mechanism and three electric winches. The crew of the Nordwind was sailing long distances only with 2 persons without any problem. Very good sailing properties even when the yacht is in abaft seas or heavy weather.

Scannen0002 (2)

the Nordwind under full sails - some years ago still with white sails

fotos2009 070

sailing along the coast of Sardinia


good to see all the sails with rolling mechanism, the swimladder and the dingy pulled upstriking


sailing - scuba diving and relaxing on the Nordwind

Peters 70. Geburtstag 145 (FILEminimizer)

striking the sails in the spring

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sailing yacht Nordwind