Segelyacht Nordwind

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tecnical data

Ship type: a sailing ketch with staysails, built in 1898 out of steel in the shipyard Thormählen in Elmshorn in Hamburg for use as a merchandise carrier. The ship was used in the Baltic Sea and North Sea as a commercial ship and has thanks to its optimally constructed hull with outstanding water flow excellent sail characteristics. Only later in 1912 the first engine was added. In the 1970’s, the ship was completely reconstructed in order to use it for charter business in the summer in the Mediterranean Sea and in the winter in the Caribbean. Up to this date the modernizations have continued with new expert improvements such as roller reefing mechanisms for all sails, solar energy collectors, a wind wheel, three electric winches. Recently the water tank and dirt water tank (made out of stainless steel) were completely renewed and a septic tank (also stainless steel) has been added in case of legal requirements in certain parts of the world.

Construction: The ship was built out of robust ship building steel, has various window hatches and many mobile and firm parts on deck made out of stainless steel. There is a comfortable swimming ladder made of aluminum. The platform at the stern is constructed of stainless steel and hardwood. The masts are out of steel and the entire standing goods (shrouds) consist of massive stainless steel cables. 

Interior has been constructed out of precious, solid mahogany wood

The sanitary area and galley (kitchen) are tiled with ceramics tile. There are 2 wash rooms, 2 showers – of which one is on deck, 2 electric toilets made by “Rheinstrom”, and a large boiler that supplies warm water as well as a washing machine. 

Galley: (with fresh air supply provided by an extra large hatch) has stainless steel cabinets made by a commercial kitchen supplier named Palux equipped with complete accessories such as dishes, pots etc., various electric kitchen devices such as a freezer, 180 l refrigerator, modern stainless steel oven with grill (4 flames), an Inductions E stove and a commercial dishwasher. There are also two electric portable grills for grilling outside on deck. There is another smaller refrigerator is in the drawing-room for cooling of beverages. 

On Deck, in the front area there is a large comfortable round seating bench (made of stainless steel and wood) with a large wooden table and another wooden bench by the front mast. At the stern there is a wood deck with a bench covering the entire ship’s width. Sun awnings in both seating areas provide shade if needed and are equipped with a rolling mechanism for an effortless rolling up of the awnings in the evenings.

Sport on board. There is a high-performance compressor "Capitano” made by “ Bauer” . The scuba diving tanks are secured with especially designed brackets along the railing. Lead belts, water-skis, a deep-sea fishing rod and a rubber island for trailing behind the dingy are also on board. 



All cabinets have their own fresh air supply as well as the galley, shower and engine room. The 4-man cabin at the bow and the 2-man cabin at the aft as well as the engine room have separate entrances from the deck.

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The ultramodern solar panels – mounted on top of the steering wheel house and the aft – are installed in an unobtrusive manner. They supply electricity for the refrigerators, deep freezers and electrical equipment without having to use the Diesel powered generator. The electricity is stored with 10 AGM batteries with 255 AH (made by US company Lifeline), installed in 2012. Therefore the entire cooling, lighting, entertainment center, vacuum cleaner etc. can be supplied by two alternating-current converters with a capacity of 3000 watts each as well as an additional converter with 500 watts. This minimizes the running hours of the Diesel generators by a great amount.

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